5ml-120ml CRC DIN 18 Glass Bottles


With CR function,  our DIN 18 caps tamper evident caps (tamper evident closures ) are good choice for  amber glass bottles or clear glass bottles.

Suncity tamper-evident caps signalise when they have been opened for the first time and are specially designed for consumer protection purposes. This type of  tamper-evident cap is an indispensable safety factor for the pharmaceutical and chemicals industries. Suncity supplies a range of tamper-evident caps with the ring located internally, externally or flush with the contour - there is always a suitable cap for your packaging.

We have 15ml,30ml,40ml,50ml,60ml,100ml,120ml amber glass bottles bring this tamper evident caps.

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Suncity wholesales 5ml-120ml CRC DIN 18 Glass Bottles, Just 2000pcs get wholesale price, now.

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