PC 600ml Oxygen Humidifier Bottles

Suncity is China manufacturer of PC 600ml Oxygen Humidifier Bottle for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and household markets.


  • Plastic Medical Oxygen bottle humidifier can be used to put relieving moisture into the air coming from your Oxygen Concentrator!
  • The High Flow Humidifier Bottle features a pressure relief valve and down spout diffuser designed for high flow delivery of 6 to 15 LPM.
  • Specifically suited for applications where delivery via face mask require high oxygen flow rates to maintain desired oxygen saturation.
  • This bottle easily attaches to your oxygen unit. Turn your existing oxygen concentrator into an oxygen concentrator humidifier!
  • Designed for high flow delivery of 6 to 15 LPM
  • 360 degree molded, low resistance, high output diffuser head design
  • Connecting tower design and large, quad wing nut
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Suncity wholesales PC 600ml Oxygen Humidifier Bottles, Just 2000pcs get wholesale price, now.

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