Plastic PVC Disposable Medical Nozzle Tip Vaginal Applicators

New style nozzle tip is replacement parts for vaginal applicators or enema bags. The nozzle is medical-grade PVC tip ,very comfortable.

  • Size: 40ml, 60ml, 80ml, 100ml, 120ml
  • Material: PVC Plastic.
  • Made by medical grade PVC material.
  • With cannula flexible.
  • For hygiene and personal care for women health.
  • Various sizes and shapes available.
  • Disposable vaginal Applicator
  • Vaginal Care
  • Douche Syringe
  • Vaginal Cleaner
  • OEM can be arranged according to the customers' requirements.
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This plastic PVC disposable medical nozzle tip vaginal applicator is perfect for quick and easy enemas and douches. Simply unscrew the smooth tip from the bulb and fill with the liquid that you choose ,screw back on, and then insert for a pleasurable cleanse.

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